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Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying to be Organized!

Hey there! Last week I decided to hang my punches and ribbon on the wall like I had them before my DH installed my countertop and shelves. I found my towel rods and curtain rods that had been tossed into the junk closet, dug around in Sam's toolbox for a drill bit and some screws and went to town. It's much easier to remember to use what you have if you can actually see it right in front of you. Plus, it frees up more drawer space so I can try to be more organized. I'm not very good at being organized. That's why I only show pictures of my room after it's been cleaned up!

When he built the cabinets and shelves, he said he was going to make some nice brackets and use a dowel rod for a puch holder, but I got tired of waiting and decided my old way worked just fine. Here is the original post when he redid my room. It was back in February. I really need to paint those shelves, but stamping is much more fun.

Here's the close up of all my punches. If I get any more, I'm gonna need another towel rod! It's a good thing those rods are pretty cheap, cause I know I'm gonna need more punches from the new catty!

And here's the close up of my ribbon.. The top shelf is all Stampin' Up! and the bottom is everything else. I'm gonna need another ribbon rack soon, too!

Now I also have a computer in my stamp room. That should make it easier when I'm trying to follow a sketch or tutorial, so I don't have to print everything out. I can just follow off the screen! Right now that computer is out for repairs, but I hope to have it back this week. Well, that's all there is, talk to you later!


Twila said...

Carrie, it looks wonderful. You sure are a lucky girl! Love your punch and ribbon holders. Thanks for the close ups on those. I'm thinking I might have to use the ideas. I've got a question on your paper storage. Do you have both 12 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11 papers of the same color in your plastic storage units? Love how you punched out a scallop circle and put on the front of them also! Hey, Have a great day!

HOPE said...

I'm so proud of you!!! It looks great and will be sooo much easier to come up with all those lovely projects!

My middle name is "organized"...if you didn't already know that one!


Diary of an army wife said...

Very Cool work station! My office/classroom/craft room needs lots of help! Can I borrow your handyman? Love ya XOXO