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Monday, August 3, 2009

Brag Book

Here is a cute little Brag Book I made yesterday. It was really quick and easy. This isn't my original idea for the front cover, but 2 different times I was stamping a little boy from "All in the Family" and I stamped his arm backwards. His fingers were growing out of his shoulder. So, I changed it up to something a little faster and easier. Anyway, this little book could easily be personalized to fit any occasion or person. We'll be making this at my club meeting this Friday.

The pages are made with clear envelopes from Stampin' Up!

You just slide your pictures right in!

If you plan on coming to class, make sure to bring your paper trimmer, adhesive and paper snips. Thanks!!

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Diary of an army wife said...

great idea! I left you a comment on Happy Day! Praise the Lord Sam got a job!