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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faith Hope Joy

Here's another decorative frame I did. I definitely got all the inspiration from this frame on Split Coast. I used my usual method of printing on vellum and then layering onto DSP. Once again, I turned to Le Jardin Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up!

I didn't have any Always Artichoke Grosgrain ribbon, so I colored white ribbon with my Always Artichoke Marker. Here are close ups of all three verses. I'm not sure what I'll do with this frame, maybe sell it on Etsy or give as a gift someday. Either way I love how it turned out, and I'll definitely be making more, especially since the frame itself was only $3 at Wal Mart. You can't beat that!

That's all for now. Thanks for looking, I hope you have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Couple Cards

This is the card I made for my sister's 30th birthday. I think Sassy Suzie is just too cute. Inside the card it says "It's a good thing wrinkles don't hurt!" Sorry this picture is kind of blurry. I didn't notice till it was too late. I kind of cased this card over on Split Coast Stampers.

I paper pieced Suzie's clothes to make her more stylish like my sister, and of course put Dazzling Diamonds on her jewelry. I had to do that because my sister sells Premiere Designs Jewelry and is never without some "Bling Bling!"

My finished card was 5 x 5 and I don't have any envelopes that size, so I used the envelope tutorial by Lauren Meader found here. She is so talented and I check her blog daily.
And finally this is the card I made for Emily to match the name frame I made for her. You can see it here. I can't remember where I saw this layout, so please know it's almost a complete copy. The way you get the stripes is cut a piece of scrap card stock the size you want your stripe image. Then cut your strips of pattern paper and paste them onto your piece of scrap. Then just trim the edges off to the size of your scrap. All done and perfect!
That's it for today! It's time for me to get the kids going on their schoolwork, so I'll talk to you later!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homemade Bath Salts

Here are some Bath Salts I made. It was so much fun to make these. I just googled for bath salts recipes and found a bunch. Another thing I'm having fun with is learning how to use my computer and printer to help with my stamping. Over on Split Coast I found a sheet with the codes for your printer so you can print in "Stampin' Up!" colors. I was so excited that my lids matched the cardstock beautifully. I just printed out my labels on Whisper White, then punched them out and layered onto a scallop circle.For the Chocolate Bath Salts I used some retired DSP I had left over, along with Pretty in Pink CS. I used the Chocolate Chip rub-ons from last Sale a Bration on the jars. By the way, the jars are Frappucino jars from Starbucks. Love that stuff! If you love chocolate, you've got to try the recipe for the bath salts. It has real cocoa powder and vanilla extract in it, and smells so yummy. I gave a sample to a chocoholic friend of mine, and she said it smelled soooooo good in the tub!
The orange smells so good, too. Well, they all smell good. You get the scent from adding essential oils, and you get the color from food coloring. You can make any combination you want! Most of the food coloring packages give you a chart on the back for how to mix different colors. That came in handy!This is also retired DSP. I've used up alot of my retired paper lately!! It's almost time to order some new stuff, but it's so close to the new catty, I think I'll hold off till then so I know all my paper will be current for a while, especially since we are going back to one catty a year!!!
And finally, Peppermint Bath Salts. I'm not sure if I like these or the chocolate better. I just walk by and sniff them sometimes. I really like how they are striped pink and white. I really wanted them to be red and white, but no matter how much red food coloring I put in, it just stayed pink. So I worked with it and made everything pink. You can't really tell in the picture, but even the ribbon is pink and white stripes. It's perfect!
Here's the group shot. Oh, I almost forgot, I spray painted the lids so they wouldn't clash with the paper. Just a nice finishing touch. I stayed home from church this morning, because both boys are sick. Sam took Amanda to church, so he'll probably stay home tonight so I can go. I hope it ends with the boys and the rest of us don't get it. I have to go check on the kiddos and catch up on house work that was neglected all week. I was in my stamp room constantly trying to finish up "just one more thing" for the craft fair. So, I'll see you later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Total Flop

Sorry I've been gone so long, there has been so much going on here. I've been helping my mom get her house ready for her sister to move in. She and her husband have lost their house in Illinois, so they are coming here. Bubba has been sick with a fever for 3 days and now Sammy has it. And I've been trying to finish up all my projects for the craft fair. Well, today was the big day. I stayed up till 1:00 am last night doing last minute things like typing up my price list and stuff, then got up at 6:00 so I could leave the house by 7. It was calling for rain today, and it was very cloudy, but I thought we were going to be in a gymnasium at a local school. When I showed up, they were setting up outside. I was a little apprehensive, but went ahead and set everything up, got it all nice and neat and snapped a few pictures. I was also kind of disappointed by the fact that the majority of tables were rented by yardsalers. I have nothing against going yardsaling, I do it myself on occasion. But people who are looking for yardsale deals aren't looking to pay for handmade crafts. So, anyway, I had everything set up, then it began to drizzle. Now, mind you, all my stuff is PAPER AND INK!! This does not mix well with rain. So, as fast as I could, I threw everything into my plastic crate with a lid, and made sure it was all safe. I have way, way too much time invested in this stuff to let it get ruined by rain. Since it didn't look like anyone was moving inside, I decided to leave. So, I sold nothing. If we had been inside, I would have stayed, but that was not the case. Anyway, I have 3 pictures of what my table looked like for about 10 minutes. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy store since I now have all this stuff I need to sell. Maybe I'll have some success that way.

The good news for the day is that I have lots of pictues taken of projects that I can post over the next several days! So check back later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just One More Stamp...

Someone emailed me this poem, and I thought
it was so cute I would post it here...


I started out with just one stamp
and when I bought some more
I decided that a shoebox
would make an ideal store.

Then as I added inks and pens
My stamping collection grew
So I bought a roomy plastic crate
It would last for years, I knew.

Embossing then became my thing
with powders and heat gun,
metallics, tinsels, pearls and clear,
I soon had every one.

By now my lovely plastic crate
was spilling everywhere
And my glitter glue collection
lay scattered on a chair

My husband started muttering
and said things had to stop
So I bought a huge old wardrobe
at the local charity shop.

But after just a little while,
I couldn't shut the door
and I put shelves up in the spare room
To accommodate yet more.

Our house is now for sale,
something larger being sought,
By the way, did I show you
the latest stamp i bought......

........(Sounds familiar anyone????)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Emily's Name Frame

My niece Emily is turning 6 years old next week. This is the name frame I made for her. I used Georgia Peach DSP that I had left from the scrapbook I did a few weeks ago. As I was working on the name, I was wondering what I could use to dress it up a bit, and it hit me! My latest order arrived 2 days ago, and it contained a tin of beautiful felt flowers from Flower Fusion!! They match perfectly. I layered them up put a So Saffron brad in the center of each one. As I was browsing my stash for the brads, I found some buttons that just happened to be Old Olive. Perfect!! Now some Old Olive ribbon and we are in business!! This is why I love, love, love Stampin' Up! Everything matches perfectly!!

Here's a close up of the felt flowers. Aren't they gorgeous? The colors are so vibrant. I love how well they coordinate with the paper.

This one shows the letter close up of the letters. I printed her name on vellum, then cut out each letter and mounted them of different patterns of DSP. After I mounted the vellum on my DSP, I mounted that on Old Olive CS.

I really love how this turned out. I told my sister it was done, and she could only have it on one condition, that I could borrow it to take with me to the craft fair and hopefully get some orders.

There's another frame I made as a wedding gift back in November. You can view it here . I hope you have liked my name frame, and that you are inspired to try your own. Until next time, happy stampin!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Bookmarks!!

Hello everyone!! Today I have some more bookmarks I made. They hook on the corner of your book pages. They are so easy to make, and I don't know who I should give credit to, because I've seen them in several different places. I decided to put worms on mine, because they are "bookworms".

Sorry this picture is fuzzy, but you get the idea. I really like these, because your book still lays nice and flat, and nothing will get broken off or smooshed if you throw your book in a backpack or something. Great for kids.
All of these little projects have been using up a great deal of my retired papers, which I'm glad for, because I want to get some new stuff, but I told myself I couldn't buy anymore DSP until I used up my retires stash. I still have a little ways to go, but I'm almost there. When it comes time to order, I might just wait till the new catalog in July, so I don't order something that retires right away. Unless there's something I just can't live without. We'll see. Anyway, I need to go so I can clean up the house a bit, and then I'm heading off to Beaufort to go to see some A Beka Book Curriculum and find out if I want to use it for the next school year. Sounds fun, huh? Hopefully later this evening I can get some more stuff done for the Craft fair coming up. Until then...
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paperclip Bookmarks

Here are some bookmarks I've been working on. They're pretty easy, so here's how I do it. Using the cardboard that comes in the back of a new pack of DSP, I punch out whatever shape I'm using. Punch the same shape out of your desired cardstock and Adhere to cardboard. This makes it sturdier. (If using DSP, you can adhere it first, then only punch once.) Punch a smaller shape using the same method. On the back on the smaller punch, stick a square of mounting tape. Stick your Jumbo Paperclip to that, and then stick on your larger shape. There you have a neat little bookmark.

I've been making a bunch of these in different color and paper combos to sell at the craft fair. I figured since it was being held at a local school bookmarks might be a nice little item that would sell well.

Here's one clipped on a book so you can get a better idea. I think they're pretty cute, and I would buy one if I didn't know how to make one!

It's less then 2 weeks to craft fair time, so I'm going to be busy trying to finish up all the ideas I have. I wish I knew what would be good and what wouldn't, and how many to make, etc... But I guess that will come with experience. Plus whatever doesn't sell I can always use as little gifts for later when I need them. That's all I have for now, so I'll see you later!!
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Ski Pictures, and Altered Notebook

Sorry I've been missing all week. I just couldn't find the time to get my pictures on the computer and blog. It's been a busy week. Here are some of the ski pictures I promised. We arrived at the condo about midnight, so we didn't really get to see much till morning. We woke to a Winter Wonderland. All the snow was untouched until the kids woke up. Here's Amanda clearing off the handrails for us.

The icicles were huge on our balcony. It was so beautiful. We tried to tell the kids to leave them alone, but...

they were irresistable. The icicles had to be broken off and used as swords. This on was taller, but got broken before I could get a picture. That's Bubba, he's almost 11 years old, just to give you an idea of how tall he is.

Finally it was time to go ski down Sugar Mountain. We loaded all the kids into the back of the truck to drive to the resort, which was only about 1/4 mile away. This is the only picture I got of all the kids together. I'm glad it turned out!!
The first day there it was so cold. Here's Bubba all bundled up. Not a bit of skin showing!!

Amanda was fearless going down the mountain after the initial apprehension wore off. I couldn't keep up with her, I was too scared!! I like to keep my arms and legs attached to my body, thank you very much!
Now Sammy was pretty much with the other boys the whole time, so I don't have many pictures of him, but I did manage to get on the ski lift with him a few times, so I took the opportunity to get a self portrait. We had a really great time, and I'm glad we made it back home with no major injuries, just a few bumps and bruises. That's almost amazing, considering the kids have no fear, and just zoom on down, full speed ahead!!
Now, what you really came here to see. Amanda's going to Haleigh's birthday party this afternoon, and she's big into horses, in fact, it's a horse party!! I didn't have any horse stamps, so I called one of my very good customers who I knew had bought "Wanted" and borrowed it from her. This is what I started off with. I read on someone's blog the other day (I'm sorry I don't remember who) that she had taken out the wire of a notebook, decorated the front and back, then put the wire back in. I never did like a strip of whatever color the notebook was on the wire side, so I never attempted to alter a spiral notebook. So when I saw that someone else had taken one apart, I thought "Why not give it a try?"And here is the finished product. I think it's just adorable. I beaded a pen to match, and tied ribbon and packaging twine on the wire to dress it up, without being too frilly. The bigger hole punch on my Crop a Dile was just the right size to punch the holes out after I had covered the front. The DSP is retired from Stampin' Up!, it's called Outlaw. I also covered the back with Chocolate Chip CS. Anyway, I hope she likes it. I think I'll have my girls do one of these tonight for stamp night.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Girl Frame

Hello everyone! I'm back! Last week my kids and I joined my sis-in-law and her family for a week of snow skiing up in Sugar Mountain, NC. It was so much fun, and I can't believe how fast kids and fearless kids are on the mountain. I have to recharge my camera batteries before I can upload my pictures, so I'll tell you all about it later.
Here is yet one more frame I've decorated. There's also a matching bank. The bank actually came from my electric co-op. They sent everyone 2 sample light bulbs to try, and that's what they were packaged in. I put it away, because I knew I would alter it someday. The stamp set is Enjoy Every Moment, and the sentiment is embossed with Crystal Clear EP. There's a Pink Pirouette button in the O. The Celery ribbon is from current Sale a Bration Ribbon Bundle. I just love it. It's a little bit stiffer than the other ribbons, and it stands up nicely. On the bank, the stamp set is Cuddles and Tickles. It's been retired for a long time, but I just love those little feet. Well, I guess that's about all for now. See you later!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank You

I can't remember where I saw this, but it's almost a complete CASE. If it's your idea, please let me know, and I'll give proper credit. This is the Pick a Petal stamp set, used to make an exclamation point! Isn't it adorable? The little flower in the background is from Time Well Spent. I stamped the same card in 8 different colors to sell as a set. They fit in the Small Open End Envelopes. I'm hoping these will be a hit at the craft fair. I made 4 sets. It didn't really take that long, doing them assembly line style.

I'm going out of town for the week, so you won't see another post till next Monday, probably. Until then.....
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