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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Space

Well, here is My Space. Sam salvaged these cabinets and built a new countertop for them. Isn't he the greatest? Then he built the shelves above that wrap around both walls. Notice the lights underneath the shelf? I think that is the best part. The lighting was always so bad in my room. I even had a desk lamp on the wall above me, but then my own head made shadows on my work, and I couldn't see! Anyway, I have ribbon racks to hang on the wall, and also plan to have my punches on the wall, similar to the towel bars I used to have. Then I just need to caulk the nail holes and paint everything. When everything is all finished I'll post the final pix.

This is my desk, which I decided to keep, even with my new work area so that friends could come over and play. I could easily have 3 people working and not be crowded. I've started a new paper storage and so far I love it. I got these 12 x 12 paper drawers, they are 3 drawers in a unit. Mine are in stacks of 2. Each color has it's own drawer, and all my scraps of each color go in there, as well as my stamp pads and craft spots. It's so easy to get exactly what I want, rather than dig through my pile of scraps. I only need 5 more units and I'll have a spot for every color, even neutrals!
I also have these nice clear shoebox containers labeled with the contents inside. I may tweak this system a bit, but for now there's a place for everything, and everything in it's place. Until my next project. Then who knows what it will look like.
I haven't gotten to work on that sketch yet, I was cleaning my room so I could show it off to you! Now, if I can get the kids to finish school work, maybe I'll have time to play before we head off to church tonight. Until then.......
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Twila said...

Carrie, What a great space! You are so organized. I can only wish I were. I love how you have a scallop circle on the front of your containers to show what color is in them. Great idea. I might have to use that one. What color are you goin to paint and umm can I come and play at your house?

Denise said...

I just love your stamp space. Very neat, & organized. Great job.