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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amanda's Apron

Yesterday Amanda was telling me she wanted an apron. I'm not sure what put the idea in her head, because I don't wear aprons, but I knew we could whip one up pretty easily. So I told her if she did her chores, we would make one. Nothing works better than a bribe! So, when she was done, I let her choose fabric from my pile, and this is what she chose. (I think I may have stolen this fabric from my mom when she wasn't looking!)
She also said, she wanted it to have pockets on the bottom, like my Stampin' Up! Apron does. So, luckily I also had some solid black fabric to make the pocket out of. (Also stolen from my mother.) I just so happened to have in my sewing drawer some multi-colored rick-rack that matched perfectly.

I told her she could pick some ribbon for the neck and ties, and she chose this black grosgrain with white flowers. Then the bottom looked too plain, so we hot glued some felt flowers from Flower Fusion on there. They are stuck together with black brads.

We took this picture before we added the felt flowers. She's so proud of her apron she helped me sew! Now maybe she'll clean the kitchen if I tell her she can wear her apron! Think so? Nope, probably not. Oh well, it was worth a shot!


Twila said...

What a great job she did on that apron, and I can tell she is really proud by the smile on her face!

Aubrey said...

Very cute apron!