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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bunny Update

Sadly, we lost 2 of our bunnies. One sometime Tuesday night, and the other just this morning. The other 2 were doing ok, but not eating a whole lot, and I was afraid I might lose them too. We decided it would be best to take them to the animal shelter. They got in contact with a lady who takes in all sorts of animal babies. She rehabilitates them, and has 50 acres to release them on when they are ready. I left them with the formula I made, and Amanda left a yellow stuffed bunny for them to cuddle with. The kids wanted to keep them for pets, but they said wild rabbits almost always die in captivity, so I think we did the best thing letting them go.

After we left the shelter, we went to the library to do schoolwork, but there was a magic show going on, so we watched that instead. Now we are back home for lunch and to do a little school and house work before we head over to my in-laws for dinner. Some cousins of Sam's are down from California, and I've never met them. So, not exactly what I had planned for the day, but life happens. I'll see you later!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Bunnies

The kids were outside playing last night around dusk, and guess what they brought in from the field? Four adorable baby bunnies!! Our dog Popeye had found their nest, and the kids rescued the bunnies from certain death. They said they could hear something squeaking, and Popeye actually had them in his mouth. Our dogs have no mercy on the rabbits they find around here. Look how cute they are all snuggled together.

They are so tiny, smaller than the palm of my hand. And so very soft and cuddly.

Sam looked up some information last night, and it said that the Momma Rabbits only come back to their nest at night to feed the babies. So Popeye found them before Momma Rabbit came home for the night. I couldn't get them to eat anything last night, but a little while ago I was able to get a dropperful of milk down each one of them. They are kind of feisty for their little size. I had to wrap them in a hand towel to hold their legs down so they would be still enough to get the dropper in their mouths. Look at that little guy standing on top of his siblings! He wanted to squeeze right into the middle!

For reference, I took a shot of the pan they are in on a 12 x 12 piece of paper. That should really give you a good idea of their size. Please don't pay attention to my mess in the background.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do for them besides feed them with a dropper? I'm notsure what else to do. I hope they survive, but I'm not really sure I want 4 pet rabbits!! Maybe when they are big enough I can give them away as pets. Or should I try to release them back to the wild? But then Popeye and Lily would probably eat them. I guess I won't do that. Who wants a pet rabbit?