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Friday, August 27, 2010

Plugging Away

I love to read blogs when it gives a glimpse into someone's personal life.  It's like reading a good book, only you know that person is real, and you can relate on some level.  There have been some major changes in our lives in the past year, but the Lord has been good.  I have thought about blogging, but hesitate because I want to be "real," but at the same time, how much about my personal life do I want to reveal?  I realize most of the people who read this don't know me, and it really wouldn't make a difference, would it?  For those that do know our family, they probably already know some of the details.  I want to get back to my blog, I really do enjoy posting pictures and telling about what's going on.  I just have to decide how honest am I going to be?  Am I going to post only the good times or really tell it all?  I'm going to think about these things and get back to you real soon.  I also have some projects I've worked on, and want to post those things as well.