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Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We went to Hunting Island with my friend Aubrey this past Tuesday. It was pretty chilly, but so pretty outside. This is a picture of the Hunting Island Lighthouse, which has 170 steps (if I remember correctly) inside.

It was a pretty good climb to the top, but it's a really nice view from up there. Here are all 7 of the kids.

We went down to the beach and snapped a few pictures. The kids all had fun drawing in the sand with sticks and climbing all over the dead trees laying around. This is me and my kids Bubba, Amanda and Sammy.
Of course, this is Aubrey with Austin, Haleigh, Genavieve and Avery.
After we got back home and thawed out we made little personal pizzas for dinner and had a nice visit for the evening.

Aubrey also showed me how to use Picasa to edit and crop my photos, so hopefully you'll notice a difference when I get to post my next project. I hope so! I've been wanting to figure out how to crop out all the unwanted stuff in the back ground, so we'll see. Well, I have a busy day ahead of me, so I gotta run. See you later!
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Twila said...

Great picures of you and your sisters kids. I love black and white photos.