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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Birthday Card and a Mess!

Last night was my first Technique Class. It went pretty well. I think all the ladies had a good time and also learned a few things. We did 4 projects, Heat Embossing, Emboss Resist, Cracked Glass and Poppin' Pastels. I'm kind of undecided what we'll do for next month, but I'll keep you posted. Here are some pictures of the mess we all made. I actually had 6 people, but didn't break out the camera till late, and my sister Tara and her friend Myrna had already left (sorry, Tara). My husband Sam came home about 9:30 and decided to cook a steak on the grill, so I had to snap a picture of him with his apron. I forgot to turn the picture before I uploaded it, and now can't seem to fix it. Sorry!!

Today I made a card for my Father-in-laws 60th birthday. Here is what I came up with. Ok, I really need to figure out how to rearrange the way the pictures show up on here. Can anyone help me? They just show up where ever they want, and then my print doesn't match up. Well, back to the card. I thought since he drives a pick up truck, it would be cute to put the 60 in the back of the truck, but of course you don't want the 6 to fall off while he's driving down the road, so I tied it on with some twine. All supplies are Stampin' UP! What do you think?
Well, I should probably go get some real work done, so I'll see you guys later.


Carmen said...

Great card ... very manly. I am always on the look out for manly cards!! TFS!

Nurse Nixon said...

Carrie- The pictures do just show up where ever they want! All you have to do is click and drag the picture to where you want it in your text. Sometimes this can be tricky (at least on my computer). I usually set the picture to center, so that my text all stays on a different line than the picture, but that is just my preference. I get very picky with my pictures! :D HTH! (BTW found your blog through Stampin' Discuss, you have made some very cute cards!)

Nurse Nixon said...

I usually add the pictures last, but it doesn't matter. You can add them first, or last.