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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unmounting Stamps!!

Well, I'm back!  I have organized all my paper, and believe me, that was a job.  But now it's all done, and if (when) I decide to stamp something, at least I can find the color I want.  I also have started a whole new project.  I had been thinking about unmounting my stamps to save room on storage, but I was always hesitant.  But now, with Stampin' Up! deciding to go with clear mount stamps, I decided I'd buy the acrylic blocks and take the plunge.  I'm now in the process of unmounting all my stamps.  It's really easy, and as you can see, it will save a ton of room.

This is the pile of stamps I did this morning.  Before I started, it was as tall as my ruler.  When I was done, it was only about 5 inches tall!  How cool is that?!  Plus, now all the boxes are the same size, so much easier to stack neatly.  You can see the original Stampin' Up! labels on some of them, what I did was peel the label off the original plastic container, then I stuck that to some white paper and stuck it inside the case.  Some of my labels ripped while peeling, so I just started handwriting the names and attaching those instead.

I have four of these neat little crate looking boxes that are the perfect size for CD cases.  I'm sure that will be enough room for all my stamps when I get them done.  Right now I have two of those under the bed boxes full of stamps.  I'll let you know how small it gets down to.

This is one of the cases that's done.  I just cut some whisper white CS to size and stamped all the images onto it before I  unmounted them.  I found the tutorial here.  It's a great video, and I pretty much followed her instructions.  The only thing I did differently was  I stamped my images before I unmounted them because I don't have any acrylic blocks yet.  Super easy, and I think it will be worth the time when I can keep all my stamps on my desk! 

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