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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Calendar Bookmark

I have here an adorable little bookmark calendar.  Isn't it cute?  I really like the frayed ribbon on the top.  I was browsing Split Coast Stampers for some ideas for my club on Friday night, and came across the template for these little calendars.  I figured since we're still in Jan. it's not too late for this little project. 

There's not really any explaining that needs to be done, except I used Brocade Blue Paper and Ink.  For the solid butterfly image I stamped off once, then the outline was applied with the second stamp.  For the frayed ribbon, you have to use grosgrain.  All you do is cut off one edge of the ribbon, then pull out all the fibers.  Make sense?  If not let me know and I'll take some pictures and do a mini tutorial.  Thank!

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June Annand said...

I love using that technique to make the frayed ribbon - it's so easy to achieve a pretty tassel, and it's perfect for the end of a bookmark calendar!