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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello, everyone!! There are no new pictures to show you today. We've been up in Columbia at my Sis-in-Law's house for a few days. Sam is building a new swing set for their kids, and then we'll be heading home tomorrow. He has a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that it goes well. It would be such a blessing if he got this job. Things have been a real struggle financially lately, but the Lord had been good to us through family and friends.

As most of you know, Amanda went to New York to visit her cousins for 3 weeks. She's been gone for almost a week, and things are so quiet around the house. I knew she talked alot, but now it is SO QUIET!! What I miss most is her hugs in the morning. She usually wants to cuddle on the couch when she wakes up. She' such a sweetie pie!!

Well, there's not much else to tell you, so I'll talk to you later when I get home. Happy Stampin', everyone!!


Diary of an army wife said...

wow! you're so brave letting her go for three weeks! I'll be praying for the job interview!...Is this to work for a company or another construction job for his business? Have you thought about selling your cards and projects on Etsy? Maybe you already do;) Thanks for all the blog comments...they make me feel good;) love you~aubrey

Twila said...

Hey Carrie, just checking in with you. Now I can see what the weather is like where you live. Hope and pray that the job interview goes well. Wow! 3 weeks without you daughter, I bet your boys don't know what to do! Take care.