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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fishing Rodeo

Hello everyone! I haven't done any stamping since my frame class last Friday, so I don't have anything to show you :( But, we took the kids to a fishing rodeo last Saturday, and have some pictures of that! I hope to get them printed and onto a scrapbook page soon. This is Bubba and Amanda at the start of the day getting ready to catch some fish.

Bubba caught 3 catfish within the first 10 minutes. Here he's trying to get one off the hook. He used a rag to hold it because they are really slimy and they can sting you with their fins.

Here's Amanda with her one and only catch. She had at least 3 get away though. She did a pretty good job of baiting her hook and casting. She loves to do everything the boys do. In fact, last week I put a little sample bottle of lotion in her room, thinking she'd like some lotion. After all, don't all girls like lotion? Well, when she found it, she asked me what it was. When I told her it was lotion for her hands or legs, she told me, and I quote, "I don't want any lotion, cuz I'm a tomboy and boys don't wear lotion."

Here's Bubba,

and here's Sammy...

Here we are all fishing.

Sam has an old 1955 Willys Jeep, which we drove to the fishing rodeo. It was only about 5 miles from our house. On the way home, it started giving us trouble. It would shut off, and Sam would let it roll to a stop, crank it again, roll again, crank again, roll again, etc... (No, we're not Rednecks, what ever gave you that idea?) Sam thought it was the fuel pump having a bad connection or something. It turns out we were just out of gas. We were only about 2 miles from the house, so we all jumped out and had a nice (hot) walk home. This is Sammy. What a cutie pie.

Of couse, this is my other half, Sam. He looks all cool in his hat and sunglasses.

Here's a great shot of Sam and Amanda. She's affectionately known as "Baby Girl." Bet you can't guess why.

And that's my tale of the Fishing Rodeo. See you next time!


Diary of an army wife said...

Fun! We did the fishing rodeo in Lexington one year! The kids loved it! Although Haleigh didn't want her fish to die, so she was trying to feed it worms in the water...we ended up letting hers go;)

Twila said...

Looks like you all had a fun time and a nice day to fish.

Catrules said...

Looks like you all had a great time! So much fun, I love to fish!