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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boys Can Stamp, too!

Here are the cards my boys made for me on Sunday. The first one is from Bubba. He asked me for help to cut and score it straight. Isn't that cute? Then he used the ink and stamps I already had out from making my own cards the day before.

The inside says "hope your day is blooming with love." I think it's so sweet and I'll keep it forever!!

This one is from Sammy. He didn't use any stamps, just wrote what he wanted to say! Sammy didn't ask for any help, of course if you're 12 years old, you should be able to cut and score straight! Oh, he's standing here reading over my shoulder, and he said he didn't score it!! Now I'll have to go make sure he just folded it straight. LOL.

I love the drawing of the heart inside. So sweet.

On another note, this Friday is the first Name Frame Class. If you are coming, please be sure to bring the following items:

  1. paper trimmer
  2. scissors
  3. vellum runner
  4. picture frame
  5. adhesive

The vellum runner can be purchased at Carolina Stamper for $5 or $6. If you don't bring the required supplies, I will have some available for use for a fee. I'll be calling everyone to see which date you plan to attend and remind you of supplies.

I plan on posting a tutorial for the Name Frame on here soon. That will be interesting!! I've never done a tutorial before, but I took pictures of every step while making my frame, so it might take me a while, but it will get done!!

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll see you later!


Twila said...

What sweet cards. They did a great job for you Carrie!

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

These are so sweet! Neat cards! Your boys sure know how to make an impact!

June Annand said...

How adorable are these cards?! Just melts my heart, I tell ya! :)

Twila said...

Hi Carrie, It's me again. I left you the Lemonade Stand Award over on my blog. I love all your ideas and the variety of them. Happy stampin!