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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

Last Friday I met with some friends from Beaufort at the zoo here in Columbia. The weather here has been incredibily hot here lately, but it was overcast the cooler that day, and it ended up being the perfect weather.  The Flamingoes are the first animals you see when you enter, and I always love to stop and take a picture. They say the flamingoes get their pink color from eating shrimp.

 We ate our lunch at the picnic area along the river.  We climbed these huge rocks and had a nice rest.  The kids loved hopping from rock to rock.  I enjoyed watching them have a blast. 

This is me with my sister-in-law Cathy.

And these are our tired little feet taking a break!

 Don't the bears look like they're kissing?

Amanda fed the giraffe at the look-out.  She loved it!

 We finished the day at the botanical garden.  The flowers were beautiful!

They had this chair in the garden.  How could you walk by and not sit in it?

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