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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Playing Around

I was outside hanging my laundry to dry and realized what a beautiful day it is. I took my camera out, hoping to get a picture of the birds on the feeders. I must have scared them all off, but I did get a picture of this little guy on the gutter. We see these little lizards all the time. I have a funny story about lizards. When Sammy was about a year old, Sam caught one to show him. Well, the lizard had his mouth wide open, and Sam stuck the lizard right on Sammy's ear. The thing latched on, and was hanging off his ear and wouldn't let go!! When we got him off, there were little specks on blood where the teeth had sunk right in. It was the funniest thing!

Last year, when this wheel barrrel gave up the ghost, I turned it into a planter. These flowers were actually planted in Nov. last year, and are now blooming like crazy!! I love it! I've never really been much of gardener or bird watcher, but lately I've realized how nice it is to go out and see the birds eating the seeds you put out for them, and admire the flowers you planted yourself.

This is my front porch. Sam built this planter for me, and I love how the flowers are so cheery and inviting. On the porch I have a little "garden" in some flower pots, because the soil here doesn't do well at all for a real garden. I have a couple crookneck squash plants, a red bell pepper and a yellow bell pepper plant, and a couple cayenne pepper plants. I can't wait till we get some vegetables from them.

Every year we have hummingbirds come visit us. Our house is about 10 feet above the ground, so I think we see alot more birds, because we're on their level. We have counted as many as 10 hummingbirds at once, zooming around our porch like little kamakaze pilots!! They fly so close to our heads I think we might be in danger of having our eyes poked out!! I just hung out our feeder yesterday, so we haven't seen any yet, but I'll make sure to post pictures when they get here!
While I was out there the boys were in the yard having some type of war game with hula-hoops and sticks. It's so nice to walk outside and see them out having fun rather than glued to the TV or computer. So, now I must get off the computer so I can get dinner going, then go play outside with them for a while.
Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Sara Mattson-Blume said...

Flowers? Ours here in Wisconsin are just peeking up in the soil--the hardy ones that is. The grass just got green again last week.

So jealous....

Neat house!

June Annand said...

Wow... thanks for sharing a glimpse of your wonderful home! I love the flowers and veggies - you've got a green thumb... My girls would freak if they saw a lizard like that, but my boys would be in heaven! I really love how inviting everything is... flowers do that every time! Thxs again...

Diary of an army wife said...

Oh beautiful "wheel barrel"!!! I miss having my own garden!!! I can't wait to get settled and play in the dirt again;)

HOPE said...

I see the fruit of a HAPPY HOMEMAKER!!!

Love the wheel barrow!! How cute! and resourceful!

Nice flower box..whatta man Sam is!

Nice photography too!

Twila said...

Cute little lizard. Looks like spring has sprung at your house too! Love your wheel barrow and your porch!