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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bunny Update

Sadly, we lost 2 of our bunnies. One sometime Tuesday night, and the other just this morning. The other 2 were doing ok, but not eating a whole lot, and I was afraid I might lose them too. We decided it would be best to take them to the animal shelter. They got in contact with a lady who takes in all sorts of animal babies. She rehabilitates them, and has 50 acres to release them on when they are ready. I left them with the formula I made, and Amanda left a yellow stuffed bunny for them to cuddle with. The kids wanted to keep them for pets, but they said wild rabbits almost always die in captivity, so I think we did the best thing letting them go.

After we left the shelter, we went to the library to do schoolwork, but there was a magic show going on, so we watched that instead. Now we are back home for lunch and to do a little school and house work before we head over to my in-laws for dinner. Some cousins of Sam's are down from California, and I've never met them. So, not exactly what I had planned for the day, but life happens. I'll see you later!


June Annand said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of 2 of your bunnies, but I know you did the right thing. Helping wild animals is so hard to do... I'm glad the magic show was going on at the library - hopefully it took your minds off things for a while. Enjoy your dinner tonight, and I'll check back soon. Hugs to you and your kids!

Twila said...

Carrie, sorry to hear about lossing 2 of them, but they might have already been hurt inside. I've tried raising wild bunnies that little and it is really hard. You didi the right thing.

Twila said...

Just checkin' in to say hi. "Hi"