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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just One More Stamp...

Someone emailed me this poem, and I thought
it was so cute I would post it here...


I started out with just one stamp
and when I bought some more
I decided that a shoebox
would make an ideal store.

Then as I added inks and pens
My stamping collection grew
So I bought a roomy plastic crate
It would last for years, I knew.

Embossing then became my thing
with powders and heat gun,
metallics, tinsels, pearls and clear,
I soon had every one.

By now my lovely plastic crate
was spilling everywhere
And my glitter glue collection
lay scattered on a chair

My husband started muttering
and said things had to stop
So I bought a huge old wardrobe
at the local charity shop.

But after just a little while,
I couldn't shut the door
and I put shelves up in the spare room
To accommodate yet more.

Our house is now for sale,
something larger being sought,
By the way, did I show you
the latest stamp i bought......

........(Sounds familiar anyone????)


Twila said...

That is so cute, and yes it does sound familiar!

June said...

Eeekk! I'd have to say that this sounds WAY TOO familiar!! This is a great poem - I know my crafty friends would get a real kick out of this one, TFS!