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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Sad Day

Yesterday was a pretty stressful day for us. I'll start from the beginning. On Friday afternoon our whole family was out in the yard along w friends of ours. We were all standing around talking, the dogs and kids were playing, and everything was fine. The dogs ran off barking into the woods, which they do quite often to chase a rabbit or whatever. We live on 5 acres of land, so they have alot of freedom. All of a sudden, we heard this very loud gun, sounded like a canon go off. Well, around here, it's not uncommon to hear guns, people go hunting in the evenings, so I really didn't think a whole lot of it. The next day (Saturday), my son Bubba comes in the house and says Bluto is missing a big hunk of skin. We thought he must have gotten in a fight with another dog. So my DH went to check on him, and he had been shot. The bullet went in near his right back leg and come out through his back. We did what we could to make him comfortable, thinking he would die of his injuries, he didn't seem to be in pain, but was laying down. Well, he kept on living like that all weekend, and we thought his back was broken, plus with a wide open wound we knew it would get infected, so I loaded up the dog and the kids and headed to the vet. The Dr. said he thought he had some damaged vertebrae because he didn't respond much to pain in his back legs, and couldn't walk. He said the best thing would be to put him to sleep, which I was pretty sure already that's what would happen. We had explained this to the kids already, so they said goodbye, and of course we were all crying. Amanda and I stayed with Bluto, but Sammy and Bubba didn't want to, so they went to the waiting room. Afterwards, they wrapped him up and put him in the van for us. We went home to bury him. After we had dug the hole, I backed up the van, because Bluto was probably at least 80 pounds, and I wanted to get close. So when I went to pull the van up, I was stuck in the mud. Sam came home to get the van out, because I had a workshop to go to. I wasn't really in the mood for it, but this workshop had already been rescheduled 3 times, so I didn't want to cancel. Once I got there I was fine, though. The kids seem to be handling it pretty well, Amanda took it the hardest, because he was "her" dog.
This picture was taken last September. Bluto is the one in front. And that's his brother Popeye. Obviously they didn't like the bath very much, and were sitting on the edge of the tub. They are both much bigger than that now. I couldn't find a good recent picture to post.
Here are two of the cards I demonstrated last night. I got inspiration for them off of Splitcoast Stampers. There was one more, but it's not in my bag, I must have left it at the lady's house.
All 3 of my cards last night used the set Snow Burst, so I could show you don't have to have alot of different stamps to get different looks.
This post is really long, so I'm going to go now. Thanks for checking in on us, and I'll talk to you later.


June said...

Carrie, this is terrible news and I'm so sorry about the loss of Bluto. What really irkes me is the way that this happened... what's wrong with some people? Shooting guns with people, homes, and pets around is just insane. Sending hugs to you and your family...

Twila said...

Oh Carrie, I'm so sorry for your loss. It must have been very hard for all of you. I live in the country too and I hate when it's hunting season. I don't keep my dogs penned up and they are free to roam, hope the same fate doesn't befall them. Thinking of you. Love your cards, I need to make some of those ornament cards.