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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

South Carolina State Fair!

Yesterday, I met my SIL at the SC State Fair in Columbia. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast! Here are a few highlights of the day. This first picture is my oldest son, Sammy. He's showing off his great big arms in the funny mirror.

And here's his mean, mean face!
This here is my girl Amanda. Great big head and tiny little body! I think this picture is so funny!
Here she is with a HUGE grin. How cute is that?
Here's Bubba. I think he kind of has a Jay Leno chin here, what do you think?
And of couse, since Sammy showed off his muscles, Bubba had to also, along with his mean, mean face. The kids had so much fun with those wacky mirrors, all posing and laughing hysterically. I think they liked those as much as all the rides!
I couldn't get a shot of Amanda without the chain through her face, since I was in the swing next to her, but it's kind of cute anyway...

Sammy, Bubba, Justin, Brandon and Jenny are on this ride, somewhere in the middle....
These slides were so much fun. My SIL Cathy has 5 yo twins. The twins and Amanda weren't tall enough to go down by themselves, so Cathy and I got quite a workout climbing this thing, but the little ones loved it, and we raced to see who could get to the bottom first and be declared the winner.
This is Amanda and Jenny, just cruisin' along on a set of wheels.

Well, I guess that about takes care of our day at the fair. Do I have any readers out there in blog land who happen to have gone? Just wondering. Well, goodnight, and happy stamping!


Lisa Page said...

I can't remember when I have last been to a State Fair, in any state ( no, I'm not meaning the "state of mind"- LOL). I think that's sad! I must go to a fair. I think that the last one here in Texas just passed- Dallas, maybe (ya know, the one with Big Tex). Just plain ole' fun! I am so glad you shared! Thanks!

Fleming Printing said...

The kids had a ball with that funny mirror. They'd have paid good money to have a photo of YOU making a face in front of it! LOL