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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Few Little Projects

Well, it's Friday again, so that means another try at the Farmer's Market. Today is the Fall Festival over there, and they've had ads in the paper, passed out flyers and stuff, so just maybe there will be more people there today. I hope so. I'm trying to get this business off the ground, not just selling stuff, but being able to make some real money being a Stampin Up! Demonstrator, and it's really taking longer than I thought it would. Anyway, here are some projects I've been working on. This is "Snowman Soup." The poetry isn't mine. I got it from Split Coast Stampers. Kind of cute, huh? It says " The days are getting shorter now, winter's almost here. With freezing weather coming fast, you'll need a bit of cheer. So here's a bit of Snowman Soup, complete with stirring stick. Just add hot water, sip it slow. It's sure to do the trick." And yes, those are Hershey's Kisses in the bag. I did manage to package a few before the kids (and myself) got ahold of them. This is what the people who have been good will get in their stocking.

Here's what the bad folks get. It's Snowman Poop. It says "I heard you've been naughty, so listen - here's the scoop.... I'm running low on coal this year so here's some Snowman Poop!" My kids really love that one!!

Sorry this picture is a blur. I can't figure out why my camera doesn't want to focus lately. I hope it's not broken, right now isn't a good time to get a new one!
I've also been working on these little composition books with matching beaded pens. Hopefully they will be a hot item today.
and last but not least, I have a shaker card. There's bird seed for the birds, and the little red tag thingies on the side say "Chirp up" This is a last minute addition for my Technique Class. I have one lady who live in North Carolina and comes all the way here just to come to my class! (Well, maybe she's really coming to visit her sister who just happens to come to class, but I want to think she comes just for my class, cuz it's that good!!) So, last time the subject of shaker cards came up, and she said she'd never done one, but thought they were really neat. So when I found out she was coming, I added it to the class.
That's all for now. I have to go do some housework so that tonight everyone doesn't get scared away by my piles of laundry and dishes!


Twila said...

Good Luck today. Looks like you've got some cute stuff. Hope the weather is as nice where you live as it is here in southern Illinois. It's going to be 70 here. I wish I could mow, but we are still in the fields! Almost done!

Stephanie said...

love the projects - good luck!

Jan said...

hope the Farmer's Market went well for you...looks like you had a lot of cute stuff. Jan

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

I hope it was profitable! Cute projects!

jazzystamper said...

Hope you had much success at your farmers market. You had some awesome projects to sell. I love the shaker card too Cute!

June said...

I hope you had alot of success with your Farmer's Market! Your items are so cute ~ I love the beaded pen/comp book set and the shaker card is simply adorable! Great job with all your projects!